Movie Review – I Am Not A Trekky…


5 stars

Written and posted by Tirinda Hixon

Although I was a softcore fan of some Sci-Fi television shows growing up, Star Trek was never on my list of faves. I was never a die-hard fan of the syndicated series and truthfully, I would  rather watch, The A-Team or Remington Steele before even thinking to flip the switch to tune in to Star Trek.  Nevertheless, I did watch it, sometimes…I mean, enough to know who Captain Kirk and Spockwere…lol.  So when me and my husband took my oldest son and nephew to see it last night, I wasn’t expecting too much from the revamped series, now movie.

Oh my. I was pleasantly surprised!

I was totally blown away by this movie!  The storyline was strong, the graphics and special effects were amazing and the action-packed fight scenes between “frenemies” and foes were both intense, and exciting. 

This version is focused more on the style of the original series. We are reintroduced to all of the original characters, which to me, makes it more inviting to watch. The initial chemistry between Capt. Kirk and Dr. Spock is tumultuous at best, but it eventually fades into an undeniable camaraderie that will definitely fuel the fire for more sequels to follow.  

Even if you hated this series and all the subsequent versions after (Deep Space Nine, Voyage, The Next Generation, etc.), you will still love this movie.  I definitely recommend.

I Am Not Now A Trekky…

The Brooklyn Critic


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